Crop-Ware was formed in 2004 when we developed Crop-Picker. We have since added Crop-Worker and Crop-Payer and improved the handheld applications.

Crop-Picker is designed to enable you to easily record all aspects of the production and harvesting processes on your farm. The accurate real-time information and detailed reports provide quick access to yield data and costs by field, variety, staff member, gang, date etc. With this information readily to hand costly operations during harvesting can be run more efficiently and managed more effectively.

The programs have been developed by programmers and advisers with many years of experience in the industry and is designed to be easy to use and suitable for a wide range of crops and working methods. The Crop-Picker software runs on standard PC’s and the handheld devices are Android Devices, which is the most popular Operating System. We also have a product for individual workers, which is a simple app that can be installed on their phone (Android or iPhone) and avoids paper time sheets for those that work alone. The Farms using our systems have increased year by year and the addition of the extra products have benefited farms as all the products work together seamlessly.

Crop-Picker will continue to evolve in order to ensure customer requirements are met. We believe you will be impressed by the ease of use and the range of features in Crop-Picker.