Crop-Picker is our core product and allows you to store details of all your Fields and the Jobs you do on the farm. You also store your workers details here.

Whatever you’re growing Crop-Picker offers you a quick and easy way to record all aspects of the production and harvesting processes. By making accurate, real-time information and detailed reports available to you at the touch of a button. The program gives you access to yield data and costs, broken down by field, by crop variety, by individual picker, by team, by date – or by just about any other method you choose. This means you can run your operation more cost-effectively and more efficiently.

We have a large number of farms using Crop-Picker and the farms range from small farms with around 30 workers at the peak of the season to large farms with several sites and around 1500 workers.

You can store as much or a little as you wish about each type of information. The more information you store the more options you have for reporting.

You can enter work directly into the desktop version of the program and also enter data through handsets that work with or without mobile signal or wifi. Two Apps are available, Crop-Picker Mobile and Crop-Solo and these are designed for working in Teams or for workers that work alone. Scanning labels make the whole process quick and efficient or you can manually add the items picked

Crop-Picker will ensure all your Minimum Wage obligations are met and will handle the 52 week average holiday pay requirements, and allows you to pay holiday as and when days are taken or when they leave.

You can use Crop-Payer to complete your payroll or you can export to a Payroll package, such as Earnie or Sage.

All of our programs have been developed with the needs of farms in mind and the programs have grown by the continued interaction with farms and listening to what you all need. All of our products work together seamlessly.

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