Zebra TC56

The Crop-Picker App runs on Android devices and allows both hourly and piece work jobs to be recorded.

Work can be recorded easily and several jobs can be running at the same time.

The handset software has many features and various ways of recording the jobs done.

Barcode labels can be used if you wish and then trays of fruit scanned to record the work done.

If the handset has a wifi or phone signal data is regularly uploaded to our cloud and you can view reports during the day on any device with internet, to see how many trays picked, and for instance the money pickers are earning.

All work can be recorded on the handset, whether it is hourly paid, piece work, hourly plus bonus, picked in Teams and the money shared among the team. You can also pay them hourly plus a bonus if they meet your specified amount an hour.

Core data can be updated during the day if necessary, without the handset coming back to the office, for instance you suddenly need to pick a different tray type or a new worker starts that you didn’t manage to setup the day before.

So there are many options for incentivising the workers.

Any jobs can be recorded on the handsets and a lot of farms use the handsets all the year round.

You have several reports on the handset to allow you to monitor the production during the day.

Data can be finalised on the handset without taking the handset back to the office.

The handsets and very easy to use with very little instruction.

Strawberry plants in tunnel